Two possible futures…

The first video is the perimeter of Robert Marbut’s Haven for Hope (Marbut is CEO), in Texas.  Little video is available on what’s inside–and what I’ve seen is not reassuring.  Not much different from a prison:

By contrast, the second video is about “housing first,” in Vancouver, BC:

The difference is the same old difference: humanism/liberty vs authoritarianism/coercion.  We get to decide (at least in theory) which direction America will go.

Marbut’s influence is being felt here in Chico; he’s a paid consultant.  The police are relocating the homeless with bus tickets “home.”  (Any oversight on this program or the results?  Or is getting them out of town good enough?) Restrooms are closed ten hours each day.  A fully funded (apparently overstaffed) CPD profiles and rousts the homeless, like never before.  The homeless report having their IDs and possessions seized.  Newly employed private security guards are all over town (the plaza, Safeway, Costco, etc.), misinforming and rousting the homeless–working with CPD. Ticketing and arrests continue.  On July 23, a homeless man was shot in the restroom of downtown business–the business was closed and the public was not at risk.  Was every effort made to wait-out the man in question, who was not in possession of a firearm?   IMHO, Chico is responding with all the earmarks of a proto-police state and the public sleeps.

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