The Failure of the Left

Philosopher John Sanbonatsu joins Patrick Newman, founder of Chico Friends on the Street, and host Robert C. Jones to discuss the failures of the left. Broadcast August 2, 2019. (90m)

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  1. I’m homeless in oroville and the cops just bulldozed everything I had . Ten bedding food clothing everything I had is gone. No one cares about the behavior if our law enforcemt here. No spirit of helping . Only taking . I’m homeless but by gosh I’m human .plz noone notices the monstrsousity that occur here . I’m wanting to tell the world to look out way our human right as a native american are bing destroyed period . They leave me no choice but to go to criminal behavior. And get what I need from the store and I know 2 wrings don’t make it rt . I don’t even have a blanket and it’s been cold outside

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