Speak up on June 5th; CFOTS on KZFR


We urge you to show up on Tuesday, June 5th at the Chico City Council and make your voice heard. The meeting begins at 6pm, and is located on 421 Main Street (enter on 4th Street).  


Chico Friends on the Street is back on the radio, on KZFR’s Without a Roof:

Without a Roof, May 16th

Patrick Newman and Prof. Robert C. Jones discuss the systemic aspects of poverty and homelessness with host Guillermo Mash. (Starts at 9:25 mark).

Without a Roof, May 30th

North State Voices columnist and CFOTS member Angela McLaughlin discusses the renewal of Sit-Lie, and the importance of showing up on June 5th (2:51 mark).

Patrick Newman and Prof. Robert C. Jones dismantle Chico First’s 10-point plan against the homeless (7:48 mark).

Thanks to Guillermo Mash. 

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